ART is communication on a most basic and elemental level.

Art says who the artist is and the soul of the viewer responds.

Art says something about the underlying truths and the mind of the viewer responds.

Art is not limited to the image.

The image captivates the spirit.

It takes the spirit and makes it soar.

Art whispers.

Art invades the heart with its deep truthfulness.

It moves one and is moved in return.

Art is a dialogue.

Art is.


Foregrounds are as important as backgrounds.

Backgrounds speak of beginnings and foregrounds speak of blossoming.

Backgrounds are the soil and foregrounds are the flower.

Oftentimes the beginnings are shrouded in mystery. Not the mystery so much of where one comes from, rather the mystery of why one is directed or led or enticed along a certain path. The personal TAO. It is always there to be found. When it is found, many questions are answered, questions such as why did I choose to have this friend, why was I attracted to this course of study, why does this career feel so empty. And many questions are asked, questions such as where to now, what does this mean, where is the true joy in what I am doing.

In reading your life backwards, while living it forwards, it all comes together at this point. Backwards leads to the beginning. Forwards leads to the fulfillment. And in this emergent NOW the foreground and background merge.

My foreground is the research I do in light and consciousness and sound and energy, which blossoms forth in words and colors and sculpture and painting and life itself. The doing becomes the being. The idea becomes the object. And it is good.

My background encompasses studies in Chinese philosophy, world religions and philosophies, physics, metaphysics, esoterica, mythology, art, sculpture, iconography, and poetry. All of which come together in a tapestry of inspiration, novelty and joy.

Welcome to this unfolding of my personal mystery. May it intrigue you, may it lead you on, and may you return.

When one is in joy in what one is doing, then there is the flow. It neither goes nor stops, it simply is. And in being, it creates. For that is what being is all about: To be is to be creative, and true creativity is love.


Beauty and light surge throughout the world, but there are so many who will not see, who will not listen. They look to things for beauty and light, but things do not reflect beauty and light, they merely take it in. The closest one can come to the spirit of beauty and light in the universe is in the works of poets and artists. True art evokes the moment, the eternal moment, the eternal now.

So, be poets and artists, but do not look to your poetry and art for an exact duplication of the world in which you live, rather look to them as gateways into the soul, into the spirit which will then take you further into the heart of the mystery, the heart of the universe.

Art and meditation are inextricably linked.

Art is the modeling of the nature of the Universe. True art is that and being a true artist is the greatest task any human can take upon their human self. The modeling can be done in many ways - example, painting, writing, crying, loving, but the true modeling must come through. That is the work of the true person.

Choice means that things can be different.


Sept 6th - Opening 10am-5pm

Art and Theory - Modeling the Nature of the Universe

High Road Marketplace
Truchas, New Mexico

Sept 12 - October 13

Everything Old is New Again

Fuller Art Gallery
Los Alamos, New Mexico

Sept 13 & 14

Chimayo Art Studio Tour

Albinita's Gallery (Stop #22)
Chimayo, New Mexico

Sept 27th

Casa San Ysidro

Corrales, New Mexico

October 18th and 19th

El Rito Studio Tour

El Rito, New Mexico

Past Events

Apr 26th

El Dorado Art Fair

El Dorado, New Mexico

May 3rd - June 29th

Clasgens, Jimenez and Kiyosaki at the Maya

Maya Art Cafe
Abiquiu, New Mexico


Highroad Marketplace and Gallery
Chimayo, New Mexico

Abiquiu, New Mexico


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